Access & Door Control


The vulnerability of the old manual lock and key system is eliminated. Having true access control for your business does not only mean preventing access to high security areas, it also means ensuring that employees and visitors can gain access to the right areas at the right times with minimal barriers. Having an effective access control system in place is one of the most reliable ways to protect your business, property, and company information. ADVANTECH Inc. can design and install an access control solution that allows people get to where they are needed at the right time, while preventing access by unauthorized persons to restricted areas.

With the highest technologies from leading manufacturers, installed by our qualified security technicians, your system will be improve its efficiency and manageability to ensure the proper flow of people throughout your building and the security of your business, employees, and property.

  • Barcode Readers
  • Keyless Button Entry
  • Vehicle Recognition Systems (Proximity eaders)
  • Magnetic Strip Readers
  • Biometric Readers
  • Smart Card/Credit Card Readers
  • RFID (including SIRIT systems)
  • Keypad Entry Card Readers
  • Keyless Entry


Stand Alone Control represents the most basic level of security systems. But for some applications, basic is better. For small-scale situations – satellite offices, bank branch locations – stand-alone systems offer convenient, programmable access control at a low cost. The term “stand alone” is used to control one to 10 doors. The stand-alone systems end-users do not need a PC to program access; many stand-alone locks offer programming through a built-in keypad. The devices do not allow monitoring of each access event as it happens.


Electronic access control uses computers to solve the limitations of mechanical locks and keys. A wide range of credentials can be used to replace mechanical keys and the electronic access control system grants access based on the credential presented. When access is granted, the door is unlocked for a predetermined time and the transaction is recorded. When access is refused, the door remains locked and the attempted access is recorded If the door is forced open or held open too long after being unlocked.

Controlling Access Throughout Your Facility:

We understand that you need to regulate movement throughout your facility – you need to let the right people in and keep the wrong people out when it matters most. Access control systems provided by ADVANTECH Inc. will give you an audit trail and documentation of who was in what parts of your facility and when. Plus, you can even utilize security data from your access control system. If key management is required, cards can be reprogrammed as needed. So, when you decide “I need access control”, Or your entry control system needs replacement or an upgrade, we will evaluate your perimeter security and recommend an entry access system to suit your needs.

If you want a new access control system or a system upgrade, we will gladly help you choose which system is right for you. We service all Miami-Dade County, Broward and Palm Beach. Call 954 740-9240 today.

Options for Access Control System Integration:

Advantech Inc. provides multiple options when it comes to managing your access control system. Depending on your solution, we can provide either a software- or web-based management application, which your team can use to easily manage your access system.

Access control systems can also be integrated with intrusion systems, video surveillance systems to record who is presenting the card. It will give you total control of your building and offices, HR databases, badging, visitor entry systems, and more, allowing for greater control across your security platform, system health checks, and much more to help you manage your access control software system.